Closeboard is very strong and a good security measure. It can be made to measure on site. It is very versatile with sloping grounds and easy to repair in the future if need be.


The Closeboard Fence

Closeboard is the most common style of timber fencing used in the UK. The reason being is that its very strong, which means a good security measure. Can be made to measure on site. Very versatile with sloping grounds and lasts a long time.

The Components

Morticed Posts :

Both concrete and timber posts are an option. Timber posts are pressure treated and are morticed to your specification, they come in 4’’x4’’ or 5’’x4’’. Length starts from 3ft to 12ft and they are usually cemented in the ground from 2ft to 3ft depth depending on the height of the fence. Concrete posts are longer lasting and come in set heights from 4ft to 10.5ft.

Arris Rails:

Arris rails are pressure treated and the maximum length they come in is 12ft and have shaped ends to fit into the mortice holes of a post. They make up the frame to nail the Featheredge boards to. Usually the maximum length of a bay of closeboard is 10ft as the strength weakens the longer it gets.

Featheredge Boards:

Pressure treated Featheredge is nailed to the arris rails and is given a generous overlap to overcome gaps due to wood shrinkage . They come in set sizes 3ft, 3.6ft, 4ft, 4.6ft, 5ft, 5.6ft, 6ft, 6.6ft, 7ft. However we can produce any size required.

Gravel Boards:

Timber gravel boards are used to protect the featheredge which sit on the Gravel Board keeping moisture of the end grain. They come in any size to a maximum of 12ft. Concrete versions are available and the maximum length is 10ft.


Capping Rail to protect the top

Closeboard Fencing
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